Several theories for this. Most convincing is here (wikipedia agrees) and says there is a cone of backwash going forward over the hull. This causes pressure on the starboard hull side and suction on the port (RH prop) thus imparting an aerofoil effect, albeit in the horizontal plane, which causes […]

Propellor Walk

Go to Orwell School and turn left, follow sign to Picnic Site. Parking at this site is good and free. Room for 20+ cars. There is a 2.4m height restriction if the barrier is in place (not locked last time). Not far to the shore. The shore is shallow so, […]

Nacton Shore

The least depth is 1.9m between halfway point and Swin Spitway SWM. Really want 3m least which needs a Walton tide of 1.6m for comfort, 1.1m if calm. It seems to shelve gently, safer water to the east. Likely to be worst when going South so at Wallet Spitway we […]

Swin Spitway