Thanks to and on Google \books THE SWIN AND KING’S CHANNEL Buoy on the Middle, No 3, black3 fathoms starboard. Whitaker Spit buoy, red, with staff and triangular vane3 fathoms larboard. South buoy of the Swin Spitway, blacklarboard. Gunfleet beaconlarboard. Gunfleet buoy, No. 9, black4 fathoms larboard. Middle hook […]

1817 Norie Sailing Directions Nore to Orfordness

Weather frorecasts and tide gauges Met Office Inshore Waters as text.Windguru for Felixstowe.XCweather for Harwich.BuoyweatherHarwich Tidal Atlas.Port of London Tide TablesWalton tide tables Tendring (PLA is best)WSC real time weatherWoodbridge Deben water level.Woodbridge Tide Mill tide tables.GSC Weather at Holland on Sea Tidal differences on the East Coast.Lowestoft Real Time […]

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Long foretold, long last Short notice, soon past, Quick rise after low, Sure sign of stronger blow.   Quick rise after low Indicates a stronger blow; Long foretold, long last, Short notice, soon past   At sea with low and falling glass Soundly sleeps a careless ass, Only when it's […]

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