Swin Spitway

The least depth is 1.9m between halfway point and Swin Spitway SWM. Really want 3m least which needs a Walton tide of 1.6m for comfort, 1.1m if calm. It seems to shelve gently, safer water to the east.

Likely to be worst when going South so at Wallet Spitway we need 10.3+1.1=11.5m sounding at Wallet to have 3m on shallowest part near Swin end.

Chartlet shows better depths on a line N-S through Swin Spitway SWM. Safer water should be to towards the east.

22APR19 1000BST least depth 2.3 between halfway and Swin Spitway SWM. Walton tide was 0.9m according to PLA . This makes least CD 1.4m which is less than the last survey of 2.1m Depth at Swin SWM 10.2m= CD 9.3m.

Return trip 25APR19 16:00 near HW WoN 3.6m saw 6.4m CD at Swin, least CD about 1/3 from Swin towards Wallet of 1.9m CD then 10.3m CD at Wallet Spitway.



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