The 1845 Admiralty survey of the Deben was exhibited as a display panel in Woodbridge in 2019. My object was initially to make some notes on the stretch of the Deben adjacent to Waldringfield but after noticing the name of the Captain, as will be seen, this turned to an […]

APSC 1845 Deben Survey by H.M.S. Blazer

Thanks to https://thames.me.uk/sailing1817.htm and on Google \books THE SWIN AND KING’S CHANNEL Buoy on the Middle, No 3, black3 fathoms starboard. Whitaker Spit buoy, red, with staff and triangular vane3 fathoms larboard. South buoy of the Swin Spitway, blacklarboard. Gunfleet beaconlarboard. Gunfleet buoy, No. 9, black4 fathoms larboard. Middle hook […]

1817 Norie Sailing Directions Nore to Orfordness